Tonia Holibaugh
Professional Handler

I have small home based kennel located outside Austin, TX.
I primarily concentrate in the conditioning, training and
exhibition of Toy and Non-Sporting breeds as well as all
varieties of Dachshunds. We show many other breeds as well.
As a long time Maltese breeder, I specialize in drop-coated
breeds but have experience with most breeds and coat types.
I have been active in the AKC Show Dog World since 1990.

I have been very fortunate to have a profession that I love.
As breeder/exhibitor, I enjoy not only showing my clients
dogs but also working with them on continual basis with their
breeding programs. I feel that it is very important for each
dog to get individual time and attention beyond grooming, and
strive to maintain a dog to people ratio that allows for each
dog to get much needed one on one time. My goal is to present
each of my clients' dogs to their best advantage. I work with
my clients to choose shows in my schedule that will work best
for all involved.

All my clients' dogs are kept in my kennel attached to my house.
I have a large open kennel/grooming room with a/c, heating,
ceiling fans, a commericial security system with a special
temperature alarm, and cable tv. I have an outside exercise
area with individual runs as well as a bigger open exercise
area, We hand carried all the dogs outside to ensure more one
on one interaction.

I have a Motorhome that I use frequently travel to the dogs
shows. When not traveling in my Motorhome, I also have a
2011 Ford E350 van to go to shows where the Motorhome is not
as easily accessible.

A link to my Ratesheet/Contract is located on my home page.

Please contact me for more information and availablity.

For more information contact:
Tonia Holibaugh, P.H.A.
Austin, Texas (area)
(512) 295-9086

Please visit my Maltese web site:

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Club Memberships:
Professionl Handlers Association
American Maltese Association
Austin Kennel Club
AKC Breeder of Merit